About PointRight

Since 1995, PointRight has been delivering leading business intelligence and predictive analytics solutions to thousands of post-acute providers, hospitals and payers. PointRight’s data-driven decision support solutions enable proactive care planning, inform quality improvement programs, reduce readmission rates and improve outcomes for post-acute populations. PointRight analytics are foundational to the success of value-based care.

Leveraging data to manage long-term care and post-acute populations across the continuum


About PointRight

PointRight bridges the gap between providers and payers with a data-driven solution for quality improvement, cost reduction and performance management.

Our solutions are used nationwide by more than 8,000 skilled nursing facilities. Additionally, changing reimbursement models, bundles and the shift to value-based care is driving adoption from Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), CMS Bundled Payment Contractors, Hospitals, consulting groups, lenders, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), and attorneys.