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Don’t mess with my Uber rating!

My most recent trip to Washington, D.C., was wrapping up like most others. I was heading to Reagan Airport by way of Uber, but what happened next was not typical — and drove me to write this piece.

My Uber driver, Sammy, casually drove his Toyota Corolla up the off ramp, heading the wrong way onto the highway! In that moment, I found myself saying in an eerily calm voice, “Excuse me, please stop. This is the wrong way. Please back up.”

Please back up? I was headed toward possible death or disfigurement, so why at that moment did I choose an almost chirpy voice to express my potentially lifesaving request?

Oh, I do know why: to protect my Uber rating!

I hate to admit this to myself, let alone to you, but at that moment I was just as concerned about my driver giving me a poor rating as I was about facing probable physical harm, or maybe even worse … missing my flight.

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