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How will PBJ impact Five-Star staffing? Would you like one lump or two?

We don’t know when, and we don’t know how, but when Payroll-Based Journal staffing data replaces the data currently being captured from CMS Form 671 for calculating Five-Star staffing, we are likely going to take several lumps.

Skilled nursing providers have been submitting PBJ data since mandated as of July 2016 and today 92% are compliant with this requirement. Compliance in this case means PBJ staffing data was successfully transmitted to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and on Nursing Home Compare a staffing domain star rating is present. (Although, the star rating doesn’t comment upon the quality of the PBJ data itself, but let’s leave that for another time.)

CMS has clearly communicated that this new data will be incorporated into Five-Star, but we don’t know the When and we don’t know the How.

We can only speculate, and put our efforts into what we can control, including the data quality I just mentioned and said we’d discuss at another time. OK, I mean it this time.

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