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Reducing Readmissions Using Key Metrics of Skilled Nursing Partners

Health care organizations must consider relevant structure, process and outcome measures − and not just CMS ratings or geography − before selecting post-acute care facilities.

Reducing readmissions is a primary goal for hospitals and accountable care organizations. The good news is readmission rates are improving.

Yet, these figures do not tell the entire story.

Steve Littlehale Embedded within these rates are various “stories.” For example, some readmitted patients were originally transferred to skilled nursing facilities for post-acute care, where they were discharged successfully to a lesser-care setting. When assessing where “the ball was dropped” and ultimately reducing the occurrence, it is crucial for hospitals and ACOs to conduct a comprehensive scan of the entire post-acute care ecosystem to identify the best partners that meet the needs of the hospital’s patient base. A vital component of this scan is evaluating a skilled nursing facility’s performance using key metrics, including readmission rates.

If skilled nursing care is required, the vital next step is deciding which facility best fits the patient. When making this determination, acute care providers sometimes use an inaccurate metric to guide their decision.

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