QASP Performance Monitor for the State of California



Same Proven Solution in Three Options for Your Best QASP Fit
PointRight’s CAHF-endorsed QASP solutions help you be more competitive for QASP incentives wherever you are in your Quality and QASP journey.
QASP Solutions

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QASP Performance
Prioritize Resources for Rapid QASP Improvements

If you are just getting started or you don’t have clear visibility into where you stand relative to state benchmarks and your QASP tier, PointRight’s QASP Performance solution is right for you. QASP Performance is simple to implement and easy to use. It shows you monthly progress against estimated QASP incentives and what to focus on to drive the biggest impact.

QASP Momentum
Improve and Sustain QASP Momentum

QASP BenefitsIf your facility aspires to be an “above average” performer every year, QASP Momentum is a good fit for you. In addition to tracking your monthly progress, this solution delivers a robust Quality Measure (QM) toolkit that enables you to measure, monitor and manage Quality Measure outcomes. In combination with Performance Monitor, you can prioritize resources to improve quality while avoiding potential pitfalls that might mis-trigger a QASP QM.

QASP Quality Program
Build a Market-leading Quality Program that Also Optimizes QASP Incentives

If your facility believes in the power of analytics to unlock game changing potential, our QASP Quality Program gives you the tools and insights you need to accomplish this. This solution helps you build, manage and optimize a quality program that’s pervasive, sustainable, and applicable to a broad range of post-acute quality, but not limited to QASP.
Our QASP Quality Program includes audit and predictive analytics that ensure MDS data quality prior to submission that identify residents at risk for adverse outcomes so you can plan their care proactively, not reactively. This solution facilitates Root Cause Analysis (RCA) as well as drill-down into specific residents. Armed with this comprehensive and predictive view, you can stay focused on the metrics that matter and achieve measurable, sustainable improvements in care outcomes.
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QASP Defined

The State of California’s Quality and Accountability Supplemental Payment (QASP) Program encourages and incentivizes Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs) to implement quality improvement programs focused on a core set of performance metrics. SNFs are motivated and financially rewarded based on set qualification criteria, including significant improvements in outcomes and high performance on QASP metrics.