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The PointRight Analytics to Answers Executive Series is a collection of white papers that highlight our predictive analytics expertise on a variety of the key challenges you face on a daily basis. We welcome you to download and use these white papers to help achieve your goals of improving quality, lowering rehospitalization, managing risk and achieving accurate reimbursement.

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Billing Alert for Long-Term Care – Expert Q&A:
Evaluating MDS Data Quality Will Improve Billing Accuracy
Even with new and improved software systems, SNFs still need to take steps to ensure MDS data support accurate billing claims. This Q&A with Steven Littlehale, Executive Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer with PointRight, discusses the importance of verifying MDS data and ways that SNFs can improve their MDS data quality.
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PointRight: Your Partner in QAPI
Accountability for quality and performance is higher than ever under QAPI and the Affordable Care Act. This trend will soon penalize SNFs that cannot meet accepted standards for quality and patient outcomes. Predictive analytics serve as a key for effective implementation of QAPI compliance efforts, as well as improved quality, profitability and market share.
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Window into Performance: A Strategic Approach to Survey Readiness
Facilities should be able to quickly review and analyze predictive performance measures so issues can be continually and systematically addressed. The ability to predict survey performance and implement an efficient plan marks the beginning of replacing a panic culture with one of constant survey-readiness. Learn how predictive analytics plays a crucial role in survey preparedness.
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Rehospitalization: Real Rates for Real Results 
Just knowing your rehospitalization rates isn’t enough. Case mix-adjusted rates and rates by diagnoses can put you in the driver’s seat with referrers. Learn more about the rehospitalization measure that’s been adopted by the American Health Care Association and validated by Brown University is the industry-standard for accurately measuring and improving rehospitalization rates.
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Why Analytics?
Saying that data is critical to providers these days is a vast understatement. If you’re wondering why you need to worry about predictive analytics, then download this white paper to learn how analytics is helping the healthcare industry to change behaviors and become measurably successful.
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DIA on the Front End = Fewer Problems on the Back End
Having the right data integrity measurement tool in place is an imperative for any provider. This paper discusses a study by PointRight that found that the overwhelming majority of assessments that undergo data checking by Electronic Health Record/MDS software systems are inaccurate.
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A Tale of Two Providers: How RADAR Can Reduce Unplanned Hospitalizations
Reducing undesired hospitalizations and re-hospitalizations is a goal for all post-acute care providers. Though the goal is shared, the challenge is unique in each care setting. Careful analysis of each organization’s unique data maximizes the effectiveness of improvement efforts. This paper looks at a comparison of two providers (Corporation A and Corporation B), and focuses on how both were able to use data analysis and PointRight’s RADAR service to maximize the effectiveness of their improvement efforts.
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