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Changing Healthcare through Predictive Analytics

Global changes in all aspects of the healthcare industry are emphasizing the challenges you face – whether you’re a post-acute provider, payer, hospital or insurance provider – you’re trying to strike a delicate balance between remaining operationally viable, competitive and profitable, while also dealing with these realities:

  • Serving more people and populations due to increase in aging and life expectancy
  • Containing rising healthcare costs and adapting to rapidly changing payment models
  • Managing risk and compliance across multiple healthcare populations and communities

We believe it takes much more than just data or technology to manage these challenges.

Chances are, your current data sources are good at telling you “what happened.” But to tackle today’s challenges, you need a partner who can help answer the most important question: “What’s next?”

That partner is PointRight. We put the power of predictive analytics to work to guide you and your teams to where you need to go next. No more gut feel. No more guessing. No more self-reporting. We’ll arm you with ‘big data’ and predictive analytics that empower you to change behaviors, improve quality, manage risk and ensure you’re achieving the right bottom line.

In other words, we’ll change your world. That’s our difference. No matter what your role, we’re ready to answer your questions and help solve your challenges.

Our Clients

PointRight bridges the gap between providers and payers with a data-drive solution for quality improvement, cost reduction and performance management. Follow the links below to learn more:

Solutions for post-acute provider | Solutions for payers