Post-Acute Providers

Solutions at a glance

The power of predictive analytics enables you to foresee issues and trends before they turn into operational challenges, enabling you to always know, “What’s next?” As the industry-standard predictive analytics leader in the long-term and post-acute market, PointRight provides a range of analytics solutions that enable you to achieve data quality, lower rehospitalization, achieve quality measures, manage risk and manage reimbursement and operations.

Improve Quality

PointRight helps to solve your quality issues through a variety of predictive analytics services and reports that enable you to achieve your quality goals through tracking, trending, measuring, and improving progress. This is good for your patients, your residents, your referral partners and your facility.
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Lower Rehospitalization

PointRight helps lower rehospitalization through predictive analytics services and reports (standard and custom) that enable you to track, trend, measure and improve progress. These solutions enable you to achieve quality goals, while also improving your competitive differentiation.
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Achieve Compliance

Through predictive analytics services and reports, PointRight helps to automate the compliance process so you can ensure you’re on top of evolving regulations and avoid resultant penalties – all while protecting the safety and security of your patients and residents.
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Manage Risk

PointRight’s predictive analytics solutions provide a standard yardstick for quality of care; helps minimize losses; and helps met federal and state regulations. Additionally, our analytics are often the first line of defense in guarding against a negative survey, or claims or suits that, in the end, affect the bottom line.
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Achieve Accurate Reimbursement

PointRight’s predictive analytics services go far beyond basic “spell checks” performed by most MDS software systems. We provide clinical, regulatory, financial and risk management imperatives at the point of care. We view each assessment the same way a surveyor, fiscal intermediary, RAC auditor or plaintiff attorney would, and provide immediate feedback for resolution.
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